Al a carte options

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CMS Installation

Content management systems are an easy way to edit your site, but in return reduce security. If you plan on updating your site on a regular basis this is a must and will allow you to edit you website anytime the mood strikes.

CMS Theme Installation

Themes are a great way to get an amazing site design on a budget. A theme typically makes for a quicker, easier site setup, as well as a head start on the design.

Maintenance Page

A maintenance page is a quick way to get a professional, short-term page up for maintenance, or site builds.

eCommerce Installation + Setup

Essentially a content management system for products you plan to sell. Due to there being an increased security risk with accepting personal info and payment info, you will need to make sure you also have proper hosting and an SSL certificate in place.

· CMS Installation
· Store Installation
· Setup of 1 of each category type
· Setup of 1 of each product type
· Payment Options
· Shipping Options