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Select exactly what you need... no frills, no bells and whistles, services tailored just for you.

CMS Installation
  • My personal favorite is WordPress. If you choose "Other", please specify what in the notes.

    Content management systems are an easy way to edit your site, but in return reduce security. If you plan on updating your site on a regular basis this is a must and will allow you to edit you website anytime the mood strikes.

    CHOOSE FROM WordPress, Joomla or Other.


CMS Template Installation
  • If there is demo content or help, you can choose to have it installed. If you choose other, please specify what in the notes.

    Templates are a great way to get an amazing site design on a budget. Templates typically makes for a quicker, easier site setup, as well as better start on the design.


Template Customization

Templates are a great starting point for sites without a huge budget. But with a little extra work, your template can look beautiful and be unique to your brand, company, band... anything.

Template Customization will prevent your site from looking like any other site on the web. The layout may be similar for minor elements, but the look and feel will completely represent you and what it is you are promoting. There's no need to look like everyone else.

INCLUDES Logos, Contact Information, Contact Form Email Address, Color Scheme, Backgrounds, Minor Layout Changes

DOES NOT INCLUDE Template Customization does not include content creation. Simply put, you know more about you and your business than I do. Therefor, it is best that content creation is left to you. If content needs to be created from corporate documents an hourly fee will be charged after being agreed to.

Site Design
  • Home, About/Other, Project Page, Contact or 4 different home pages to choose from), as well as all necessary UI elements.

    DOES NOT INCLUDE Site design will also need design coding (and maybe a few other things) before it is a functional, working website. This is only the design, nothing else.

    Great websites start with great website design. Next to functionality, a site's interface is the most important aspects of any website.

    INCLUDES Up to 4 pages designed from scratch (Ex

Design Coding
  • To clarify, site design is one thing, the coding is something different that will make your design functional. This is not required if you are using a template.

    If you have your design already, coding is the next step! Whether it's a Simple HTML site, WordPress Site (or any other CMS), Magento Store or any other form of online user experience, the coding will be the nuts and bolts of your site's styling and functionality.


Maintenance Page

A maintenance page is a quick way to get a professional, short-term page up for maintenance, or site builds.