Static vs. Dynamic Websites

Static websites

Simply put, a static website is built for pages to be viewed, as is, through a web browser. It is simply a file that your internet browser (Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, etc.) is capable of viewing.

Static website pros & cons



  • Web design experience required for updates

Dynamic websites

A dynamic website creates a page that is generated every time it is requested. Just as with a static site, your browser accesses a file hosted on a server. But, instead of viewing this file, the server responds to the file by accessing information stored (typically) in a database, and then produces a file that the browser can understand and display. In short, the browser requests information form the server, the server gathers the info, then compiles it and sends the page in a form that the browser can view. Sorry, that's about as simple as I can explain it.

Dynamic website pros & cons


  • Easy to update
    • Easier to update means you are more likely to add content to your site. Fresh, relative content is good for search engine visability
  • User management
    • Can be used to have multiple contributors, or staff members adding info to the site.
    • Can also allow for user interaction with comments and feedback.


  • Slower
  • Much greater security risks
    • Keep your site's software and plugins up-to-date can help a lot.
  • Hosting typically costs more.
  • Typically more expensive to build.


It is this web developer's professional opinion that unless you plan on updating your site on a regular basis, a static website is the best option. Most website owners want to focus on what makes them money. They are simply looking for a way for people to know who they are, what they do and how to reach them.

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